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Apr 06, 2023 General

Verandas: what are they?

Verandas are wall-mounted structures complete with columns or pillars supporting the steepest part (in a nutshell, they are pergolas equipped with perimeter closures). To prevent it from becoming an extension of the living space, the law restricts the use of materials that can be used to close the perimeter and covered veranda.

Perimeter closures allowed for verandas

VEPA (removable panoramic windows)..all glass without frame

Windbreaks, alternating non-watertight listel sight protectors

Drop-down awnings with transparent pvc or blinds that can be opened, manual or motorized

Removable cotton or PVC sheets patio enclosures in San Jose, CA

Perimeter closures not permitted for verandas

Walls of any material

Sliding or tilting frame windows

Gratings or watertight privacy screens

Materials for verandas: guide to choosing

The materials we use in the construction of outdoor verandas are generally of two types: wood and aluminum . Both of these materials have advantages and disadvantages which must be carefully evaluated before proceeding with the construction of the structure.

Verandas in laminated wood : a wooden skeleton has innumerable advantages, ranging from the aesthetic/visual aspect to the quality of the material , especially if carefully selected from suppliers who care about environmental sustainability. Furthermore , thanks to special treatments with non-polluting water-based paints , we make the wood particularly resistant to wear and tear from atmospheric agents. Clearly a veranda in laminated wood requires periodic maintenance that an aluminum veranda, for example, does not require.

Aluminum verandas : as advantages it boasts lightness and modern style . It does not require  any maintenance over time . On the other hand, due to its lightness, it has capacity and therefore construction limits, related to the weight it can bear.

What are the best patio covers?

Once the structure of the external veranda has been built, it is necessary to cover it with materials that first of all ensure waterproof and possibly thermal insulation and protection from bad weather. However, it should be remembered that, in order to comply with current legislation, only verandas with removable covers can be created . That’s why we usually make covers for verandas with retractable pvc awnings.