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Jun 12, 2022 Health

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

A massage therapy session can provide relief for many different conditions. Massage therapy benefits include:

Stress relief. One of the best benefits is stress relief. As you read about massage therapy in Bellevue, WA, for anxiety and depression, you’ll see that this option relieves physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, such as insomnia or headaches. A massage therapist would use their hands to rub the muscles in the body, which helps relieve pain due to stiffness and overworking. If you have a medical condition like asthma or arthritis, a regular massage will help reduce the pain while improving flexibility and mobility.

Improved blood flow and circulation in muscles. Another benefit is improved blood flow and circulation in muscles. When pressure is applied within your body, blood flows through your body more freely than when you are inactive or not receiving any pressure at all. This process stimulates the muscles more than they would typically be used to receiving these types of treatments without massaging them on an ongoing basis. This is beneficial to those who have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome (thumb), lymphedema (swelling in legs), lower back pain, osteoporosis (thinning bones), or sprains/strains/muscle strains as increased movement leads to increased circulation as well as healing potential from injuries in these areas. The reduction of inflammation also leads to pain reduction since swelling decreases due to reduced pressure within the body.

– Since pressure is applied to the muscles, they are worked out better and therefore more vital, freeing up the joints and reducing pain. At Jaycees Massage, we aim to relieve muscle pain, reduce swelling and improve flexibility.

Vasodilation – a natural relief for colds and coughs. However, since most of us spend much of our time sitting down at work or school in front of a computer screen, more blood is being pooled around the lower section of your body and within your legs due to inactivity. This can lead to increased pressure within these areas which may cause discomfort along with a cough or a runny nose during periods like these over time (and you know how much we love them!).